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    2. Jennifer Aniston: She is hair goddess so I know a ton of people will have her on their list today. I still strive for my hair to look likes her everyday. No matter how she cuts it, it's fabulous!

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    While Aniston's Rachel

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    Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hairstyles

    Jennifer Aniston: 'The Rachel' 'Was The Ugliest Haircut I've Ever Seen'

    jennifer aniston rachel hairstyle

    Celebrity Jennifer Aniston sexy long hairstyle; friends rachel hairstyle.

    Jennifer Aniston/Rachel Green From Friends – It's Flashback Friday

    Jennifer Aniston New Haircut

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    Jennifer Aniston has definitely cultivated a look over her almost two

    Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles jennifer aniston rachel hair

    Celebrity Jennifer Aniston sexy long hairstyle; friends rachel hairstyle.

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    The Rachel Haircut: Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston Rachel Friends Haircut TV Television

Karen Gillan Hair

    Karen Sheila Gillanis a Scottish actress and former model who is best known for her current portrayal of Amy Pond in the British science fiction series Doctor Who.

    Karen Gillan - Doctor Who actress is to make her professional theatre presentation in a West End stimulation of John Osborne's 1964
    play Inadmissible Evidence.

    Gillan, who acts the Doctor's energetic assistant Amy Pond, will emerge with Douglas Hodge in the show, which launches at the Donmar Warehouse in October.
    Hodge plays a self-vicious lawyer, while Gillan will play his secretary.
    The 23-year-old Scot will be distinguished in a while this year playing model Jean Shrimpton in BBC Four film We'll Take Manhattan.
    Dame Eileen Atkins played Gillan's role in the genuine production of Osborne's play at the Royal Court in London.

    New companion AMY POND is still sometime away from being seen on television but before then you catch the actress playing her, KAREN GILLAN, in the new BBC show, THE WELL - an eight-week drama event that plays across multiple platforms. Collated here are some pictures of Karen in action and behind~the~scenes. Click on the images for bigger versions.

    The Well, created by Melvin Burgess, was launched simultaneously on television and online, where the audience can explore a scale replica of the main location for the story - the derelict house where the well is discovered. Between TV episodes the audience can enter the house to explore the environment, and by completing a series of tasks and challenges (13 x flash games), they can unlock hidden drama content: revealing the terrifying backstory to the drama and getting one step ahead of our characters.

    As the story develops, the drama flows between the TV episodes (4 x 10 minutes) and the 3D immersive game (3 x 20 minute levels); when a character hides an item within the house on TV, the audience can immediately go online, solve a puzzle, and uncover the item from its hiding place. The story has been woven across these multiple platforms, and the more the audience engages with the story (on TV, online and on social networks) the more they can deepen their experience of the drama and our characters.

    New Doctor Who actress KAREN GILLAN plays Coll, a brainy beauty, but she’s somehow not a hit with the boys. It’s as if every exam-slamdunk under her belt makes the lads give her a wider berth. It’s Luis she fancies the pants off (though he fills his with fear every time she looks at him!). But luckily for Beth and co, Coll is nothing if not determined and she won’t give up until she cracks the mysterious secrets of the well - and Luis.

Emma Stone Hair Pictures

    emma stone
    emma stone
    emma stone
    emma stone
    emma stone

    It's not easy to make Emma Stone look ugly. Which is perhaps why the makers of the new movie "The Help" came up with this monstrosity for her head:

    Kidding aside, Stone's character "Skeeter" Phelan is supposed to look somewhat homely in the flick, based on the best-selling book about Southern belles in the 1960s who mistreat their black "help."

    emma stone hair colour. emma stone hair color red.

    Skeeter is the nice one who can't land a husband -- and she also happens to be the reason why flat-irons were invented.

    While Stone's hair is so distracting that it deserves it's own credit in the movie, we've seen even worse. From Glenn Close's finger-in-the-electric-socket look in "Fatal Attraction" to Taylor Lautner's long locks in "Twilight," let us know: Who has the worst movie hair?

    Emma Stone Hair 2011 Pictures

    emma stone hair 2011

    emma stone hair 2011

    emma stone hair 2011

    emma stone hair 2011

    emma stone hair 2011
    emma stone hair 2011

    emma stone hair 2011

    emma stone hair 2011

    emma stone hair 2011

    emma stone hair 2011

    All is can say is that I love this young lady, she is amazing and just has so much more growth ahead of here , oh! and thank God she's a redhead again! me no likey the blonde!
    check out how to get Emma's great hair look!

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