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    Mila Kunis is gorgeous. And so is her hair. Several of my girlfriends have taken this haircut to their stylists and several of them have come back shocked, saddened or with a lot less hair than they had intended. Sometimes it's easy to say, "I know my hair isn't as long/wavy/pretty/healthy/layered as that, but I bet, with the right cut, it could look just like this."

    Then you march into the stylist and hand her a photo of someone fabulous along with your very high expectations. Too many walk out of the salon saddened with their new, beautiful cut, because they walked in with unrealistic expectations. To save you the tears and make you love your hair, let's deconstruct Mila Kunis' super sexy hair.

    (Photo courtesy of

    But before we begin, let's make sure we all understand what we are looking at.

    I'm not the one who styled her, but I'm willing to bet that she is wearing some extra hair. See the telltale ridge, and change in the part, a little bit back from her ears? I doubt all that hair grew from her head.

    Her hair is styled for a photo, not for daily life. Further down is a picture of her straight hair, which will help show you what the layers actually look like, without all of that bombshell hair blocking what's actually doing.

    Finally, this was styled by a pro. You can do this look at home, but it's going to take some practice. This look required a blow dry, curling iron and probably took more time to finish than you have on a regular morning (ok, more time than I have on a regular morning).

    An inconvenient truth.

    If you don't have thick hair to start with, this cut will not necessarily look the same on you. This is all about body and if you have fine or thin hair, this cut may not look as vivacious on you. It may look just peachy if it's adapted for your hair type, but it won't look just like Mila's. Keep in mind, she's wearing extensions.

    Part of what makes this style look so sexy is the extreme length. While everyone who walks a red carpet these days is sporting the same type of super long hair (those who haven't caved to the pixie revolution, that is), you should know that nipple-grazing hair is not for everyone. It takes a lot of upkeep to make sure it looks healthy. More importantly, it takes a lot of time to make sure that you are wearing the hair, and not the other way around.

    Pick the right person for the job.

    This cut has a lot of layering around the entire head, not just the face. In fact, the layers are so complicated, an inexperienced stylist could send you home looking like you have a bi-level haircut circa 1982, not the well blended bombshell you intended to become. Make sure you are comfortable with your stylist. If you've known them forever and know they can do it, cool beans. If you don't like their hair and you're never impressed with the people who are leaving when you come in, then you might want to look around for a new one. Many stylists have photos of their work online. If the work looks cheesy, roughly cut or poorly styled to you; your expectations are not likely to be met. If a stylist tells you that the cut isn't going to work for you at all, with no explanation, you may want to look for a new hairdresser. The cut may just be too difficult for that specific stylist. (Good stylists constantly seek education to become better stylists.)

    Back to Mila. Did I mention this cut has a lot of layering? This cut is potentially changing your ability to style your hair in certain ways, so be sure to discuss how adding these kind of layers will affect your ability to wear your hair in your favorite ways.

    (The same cut straight, but with extensions again.)

    Here is how the cut looks when straight. Again, I believe she may be wearing extensions again in this photo. If you love the flat ironed look, pay close attention to how the layers in the front appear when worn straight. Notice that her hair is pushed in front of her shoulders in this photo also, so it looks more full than your natural, walking around hair might be. And again, she's wearing extensions.

    Want this haircut, but afraid you don't speak stylist?

    My hands-down favorite stylist, Bethany Magliacane, owner of Laboratorie, breaks down the cut like this:

    This cut has mid-length-to-long layers throughout, cut at an angle that builds weight between the cheekbone and shoulder and reduce bulk through the ends, keeping the bottom half of the shape lean. It is then finished with a slightly shorter frame around the face. Before your stylist gets to styling, be sure to discuss the following:

    Evaluate how this shape will translate given the length, texture and density of your hair.

    The length of the shortest point of the layer should be pointed out and agreed upon.

    Discuss how your stylist intends to distribute the weight of the cut to make the shape work best for your hair.

    Mila kunis
    Milena Markovna Kunis

    General appearance:

    born on Sunday, August 14, 1983,

    height- 5' 3" (160 cm),

    hazel eyes,

    brown - dark hair.

    Mila Kunis studied at Fairfax High School, Los Angeles, CA (2001).

    Mila dated Wilmer Valderrama and amongst other amorous encounters was Danny Masterson.

    Milena Markovna Kunis was born on August 14, 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine, then moved with her parents to Los Angeles when she was seven years old. Kunis credits listening to the simple vocabulary of Bob Barker on The Price Is Right with helping her develop a speedy fluency in English. She enrolled in acting classes at the Beverly Hills Studio, where she was discovered performing in a showcase. She quickly began appearing in commercials. Kunis filled out her early resumé with such pit stops as Honey,_We_Shrunk_Ourselves (1997), Krippendorf's_Tribe (1998), and the infamous WB ratings cellar-dweller Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher (1996). She also played a younger version of Angelina_Jolie in the HBO movie Gia (1998). But it was her casting in Mark_Brazill's That_'70s_Show that earned Kunis notice, as her petulant teen queen soon became a standout, able to range from endearing to grating. Her aggravated whining rung true enough to earn her a voice-over role on Family Guy, taking over for Lacey_Chabert as Megan Griffin during the 2000 season.

    Kunis played a supporting role in the teen comedy Get_Over_It (2001) and a lead role as a deranged killer in the unlikely sequel American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) while continuing as a TV regular. She also followed in Alicia_Silverstone's footsteps by appearing in the Aerosmith video for "Jaded."

    82 Sex Appeal

    After watching Mila Kunis whine her way through eight seasons on That '70s Show, and voice the awkward and annoying Meg Griffin on Family Guy, it might be tough to envision Mila Kunis as a sex symbol. Well, tell that to Maxim magazine, who ranked the Ukrainian-born stunner No. 5 on its 2009 Hot 100 list, and No. 22 the year after. Her sudden status as a sex symbol shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, especially after her breakthrough performance in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which she used her smoky beauty and girl-next-door appeal to craft the most crush-worthy performance since Cameron Diaz’s turn in There’s Something About Mary. Unfortunately, all we can do is crush, while Macaulay Culkin -- her boyfriend of nearly a decade -- gets to touch her skin, smell her hair, pluck her eyebrows, apply her deodorant, and do all that other stuff that normal, healthy couples do together.

    They say that becoming a movie star is about having a lot of talent and a little bit of luck. In Mila Kunis’ case, the luck part couldn’t be more true. Born in the Ukrainian SSR, Kunis and her family were able to move to Los Angeles in 1991 thanks to the luck of a lottery. After a five-year process, the Kunis clan fled communism and enrolled their daughter at Rosewood Elementary School before she knew even a word of English. Kunis likened this experience to being “blind and deaf at age 7,” an experience that saw her come home everyday in tears. But after her father signed her up to the Beverly Hills studios in an attempt to get her to socialize, Kunis was spotted by a talent agent who promptly signed the talented young actress.

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