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    Victoria Beckham is one of the many celebrities that went for the pixie haircuts and make it look very sexy and modern.There are several ways you can wear a bob haircut which range from the hair cut evenly all around the head to the hair cut in different lengths throughout the hair. A bob can be worn in many ways, curly or straight and usually have a medium to medium short length. You will find many celebrities that sport the bob look such as Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham, and at one time Jessica Simpson. A bob can be worn with bangs or no bangs depending on your preference and compliment almost every face shape. Most people who have the bob haircut can easily change over to a Pixie haircut, which is said to become very popular for 2011.A Pixie haircut consists of choppy and messy hair that has various lengths and is usually referred as the “Elfin” cut. The Pixie is a haircut that is layered short and shows more of your face. The look of the Pixie haircut is one that has close cropped layers that frame the face and is cut short around the ears and neck. You can try different styling techniques to see what works best for you. You can spike the bangs or you can slick them down. You can add dimension and an interesting look by adding highlights to the hair at the front of your face. Some of the celebrities that have or have had the Pixie haircuts and look really cute in the Pixie are: Rihanna, Alyssa Milano, Pink and Eva Pigford.

    In many cultures, long hair is seen as a sign of beauty and for those with short hair, they are deemed rebellious and going against the grain to prove a point. When you delve further into the origins of short hair, this may be the case but generally these days, short hair is just a fashion statement and not something tried by somebody to try and make a point.Another thing that you must remember with short hair and round faces is that a blunt cut will make the face appear rounder whereas ends that are lighter and wispier will actually flatter this. Try having the hair stylist run a pair of thinning scissors or a razor through the ends of the hair to thin it out a bit and you should have no worries when trying to recreate this look.Victoria Beckham wears voluminous-short-bob-hairstyles-2011.If you have short hair, do with voluminous short bob hairstyles, you may want to find a way to accentuate those layers by adding volume. This is simple to do and all you need are a few styling products, volumizing mousse, hairspray, blow dryer and/or curling iron and you will be on your way to sporting volume in your short bob hairstyles.

    Have you observed Victoria Beckham's Posh face expression? Well, for me, when she do that thing, she seems to be someone who doesn't care to the world at all..

    I like that vibe. You know, when you don't care to the world at all because that's just BORING! :p

    Victoria Beckham hair 2010 has been one of the hottest topics this year, much like every other year, in not only the English, but also there American tabloid magazine.

    Gossip magazines are becoming less and less prevalent every day because of the growing popularity and availability of the Internet, so it is no surprise to see bloggers writing articles about Victoria Beckham hair 2010 as well. Her hair this year has seemed to stick with her usual, unique hairstyle that includes dark colors and very short length. With a face as beautiful as Victoria's, there is hardly any reason you would want to go with longer hair and cover up the signature sexiness that is Victoria Beckham. Hair, 2010 style, for Beckham looks like it will be no different from any other year, so you shouldn't expect any surprised coming up in the near future.

    Victoria Beckham Hair 2010

    Victoria Beckham Hair 2010

    Victoria Beckham Hair 2010

    Victoria Beckham Hair 2010

    Hairstyle to her latest Updo Hair. Enjoy the pictures.
    Victoria Beckham Inverted bob haircuts
    Victoria Beckham Inverted bob haircutsVictoria Beckham at The Spice Girls Reunion World Tour Photocall
    Victoria Beckham Beautiful Blend short bob hair style
    Victoria Beckham Blend short bob hairstyle
    ? Solarpix / PR Photos
    Victoria Beckham at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2008 - Marc Jacobs - Arrival
    Victoria Beckham Classic short Bobs
    Victoria Beckham Classic short Bobs
    ? Janet Mayer / PR Photos
    Victoria Beckham Appearance and Signing for "'dVb by Victoria Beckham" at Saks Fifth Avenue Chicago
    Victoria Beckham medium bob hairstyles
    Victoria Beckham medium bob hairstyles

    Victoria Beckham has rubbished reports that she didn't have much input into her new fashion range.

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